Golfing Around Scotland with

Whisky Tasting

Ayrshire Golf Tours offers complimentary whisky tastings to all our clients. This is held in association with our friends at Robbie's Drams, local whisky merchants, based in the local town of Ayr.

The owner of Robbie's Drams, Robin has been operating in the local area for almost 30 years, and has an abundance of enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for whisky. Robin is a judge on the Scottish Field Whisky challenge, which is seen as the most prestigious whisky competition in the country.

Robin will personally oversee and organize all the whisky tastings in the store and has created a private tasting area. The private tasting area is ideal for all customers of AGT and tastings can include 4-5 samples of the finest in Scottish malt whiskies, as well as an informal talk, by an experienced member of staff, for approximately 1 hour. Group sizes can be up to parties of 16 per sitting.

Our golf trip was organised by Ryan at AGT and all of their work and experience was vital, on ensuring this great trip. We had fantastic golf, great accommodation, full ‘high quality’ transportation, and even complimentary whisky tastings added onto trip.

Takanori Sazaki, July 2020